In the second game, the magic match, er, the Raptors, as we all know, we are more interested in him. Of course, I’m not a Mongolian fan. We don’t have any home team or any star. Our idol is not. It’s just that. For the Raptors, they pay more attention to the strength of the Raptors. Of course, in the fourth round, they are likely to meet the 76ers. These two teams are more difficult to choose. To be honest, they haven’t seen the ball of the magic team. It can be said that it is possible.

Throughout the season, we have seen the unusual appearance of the half-time, ah, the head, the head of the main team. We are not familiar with each other. We are not clear. Let’s be honest. Er, now tell me about the main team of the bulls. Can you make it clear. Yeah, well, I saw the end of the last two days. I dug out some characters in the graves. I thought that this kind of players averaged 7.8 points per game. How could they all get the wrong name? Later, I thought about it. It’s not right if you don’t give your head to your uncle after dinner.

Yeah, but what about this kind of players. Right away, it will disappear. For this kind of player, if you are not a professional sports media player, right? You don’t need to know. Just analyze the characteristics of those key figures, right? Shrimp, soldiers, crabs, dogs and cats, right? You can match them. It will roll next year. There are too many players. Well, I personally think that the magic team and the Raptors team are also unable to fight, but I don’t know how much the score will be, because the Raptors team can play now.

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Every event in every field has a champion It's similar to the eighth piston to the sixth finals