James, when I get the chance, I’m looking at James’s attitude and expression, the media’s comments and James’s autobiography. I think it doesn’t matter that curry can’t get 60 plus. Er, it doesn’t matter that curry can’t get 60 plus. I think it’s children’s view, children’s view, basketball cognition, collective, extremely poor, um, the tongue is tied, um, extremely low.

As we said, the championship every year, f MVP every year, regular season MVP. In history, there is only one doctor in the scoring champion. If you take 60, you can take one, right? If you have more than ten years of career, is that not OK? If you take one, you can’t do it?

If you can’t do it, you can watch the competitive sports games, the Olympic Games between us. Every event in every field has a champion. In addition to doping, substitutes also have to come up. Right? Let’s be more rigorous. Every session has a champion. But in every competitive sport, there are distance, speed and height. These recorded game explanations.

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Then we can see how many shots there are in the next few games The head of the main team