But we think the Lakers can still win

At that time, we predicted that although the Lakers had just lost a game, we thought they could still win a championship cup. But the fourth game was really the comeback of the Lakers after losing the third game. They won the fourth but the fifth game. You said that the heat’s victory not only… Continue reading

Despite two or two early victories

Gerrard, green on the starting line-up, and then began to travel around the second grade Terry Rozier, in the face of the Bulls overpowering their big brother, Celtic’s practice is to put forward a smaller lineup. Obviously, the Bulls underestimated the Celtic lineup, although they won two or two victories in the early stage. But… Continue reading

The 23-year-old entered the league

The 23-year-old only entered the league, but in his third season, the green dragon field averaged nearly 5510.4 points. Kobe is now 35 years old, Jabbar retired at 41 years old. Malone is 40 years old, chamberlain is 36 years old, and Jordan is 40 years old. However, in Jordan’s career, the first level has… Continue reading