Haute Couture is the highest level of fashion.?Haute Couture?originated from the famous Paris designer Charles Frederic Worth, who pioneered Haute Couture?iron on stickers?in Paris in 1858 and eventually became the representative of the ancient French tradition of advocating luxury, which was named “Haute Couture”. And English will be borrowed directly from the French, “haute couture”… Continue reading

The advantages of customizing your jersey

1.It can meet the individual needs of various consumers. In the traditional marketing mode, clothing?vinyl letter number?enterprises often carry out mass production based on simple market survey and current clothing trend forecast. The?Heat logo jersey lettering?produced in this mode are either not in the required size, color, or style, or the design cannot meet personal… Continue reading

Heat transfer and hot stamping

And sublimation?iron on transfer?printing, the printing material not like sublimation dyes can produce sublimation (evaporation), the printing material not printed inside the high temperature and high pressure in the slurry infiltration into the cloth fiber, although also can use?iron on? transfer?printing machine press, but on the surface of the “print” to clothing is something like… Continue reading

Clothing thermal transfer type

There are many types of thermal transfer printing for clothing. There are two main types of?iron on transfer?printing: (1) sublimation?heat transfer?printing (2)?heat transfer?and hot stamping Sublimation?heat transfer?simply means that the disperse dye (or sublimation ink) is printed (or printed) by a machine on a specific paper, and then through this paper, with high temperature and… Continue reading