Colorado Avalanche and coach contract extension for 2 years general manager: excited about team progress

On Tuesday, Jardine Bedner signed a two-year extension to the 2021-22 season with Colorado Avalanche. Bedner took over Patrick Roy as the avalanche manager on August 25, 2016. The 47 year old coach has been 103-116-27 in three seasons and 9-9 in 18 playoffs. Last season, Colorado Avalanche entered the playoffs with a record of… Continue reading

The giants beat the Red Sox 11-3 in today’s game, which also made Bruce Bocci the 11th coach to win 2000 in MLB history. From April 27, 1995, when he led the clergyman to the first victory of his coaching career, Bocci completed 2000 wins in 25 seasons. The 10 managers who have won 2000… Continue reading

5 slow mirror interpretation, Nuggets half-time lead 6 points three reasons, double giant 27 + 13 outside one picture reveals the real reason

On January 20, the Denver Nuggets temporarily led the walkers by 50-44 after half-time battle, forming the source of this situation. Both Jokic and Barton have no solution. One picture reveals the real cause, and makes the walkers feel murderous. At the beginning of the game, Jokic forced Turner to turn around and lay the… Continue reading