Crow and defense coordinator Martin Dale renew the highest salary contract

Once upon a time, don Martindale waited nearly a decade for his second job as NFL defense coordinator. Two years later, Martindale was awarded the highest salary contract at the same location. Crow signed a three-year contract with Martindale to become the league’s highest paid defense coordinator, NFL Network reported Saturday. If Martindale’s excellent performance… Continue reading

Jaguar quarterback Mingxiu’s visit to Thunderbird flight performance team was praised by the pilot

In an impressive rookie season, Gardner Minshew has shown unparalleled composure. The Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback is not only cool on the court, but also in the cabin. Last month, Mingxiu visited the US Air Force Thunderbird flight performance team and experienced flying into the blue sky with the fighter plane. Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Di Falco,… Continue reading

Hollywood actress incarnate island people’s fan sister confidence full poison milk host team wins the championship

Chloe grace Moretz, a 2-year-old American actress, has become a global celebrity for her 13-year-old role in the movie “king of the sea”. Now, in addition to being the actress and the girlfriend of Xiaobei’s son Brooklyn, she has another identity as a New York Island fan. Just yesterday, Moritz gave the host team a… Continue reading

MLB’s first man, trout, has been locked in the hall of fame since he scored 7 points and only 27 years in a single game?

In 2019, MLB regular season of us professional baseball is close to half, and “Mr. 400 million” Mike trout once again proves that he is the first player in the league. In today’s game, he hit three hits in six seats, two hits in a single game with a career high seven points. In today’s… Continue reading

George Leonard, 2 in 8, 3 in the new aid company, the clipper will be destroyed by the old one, too aggressive

On February 12, the NBA regular season continued. The Clippers challenged 76 people away. Leonard was back in the game. He started together with Morris, George, zubates and luway. Beverly was absent. In the first competition, George 5, 1 in 3, Leonard 3, 1 in 3, and new aid Morris even scored 3 points. Harris… Continue reading

Titan will not hire a defense coordinator after completing the coaching staff adjustment

On Thursday, Titan announced that it would hire veteran assistant coach Jim Haslett as the internal guard coach, and the staff adjustment of their coaching team would be completed, instead of hiring a new defense coordinator. Haslet, who worked as a lineman coach at the tigers from 2016 to 2018, started working in the league… Continue reading