How to evaluate some good brands?

A good brand in advertisement marketing generally has a set of mature marketing methods, which can help consumers to discuss through creating topical content On and sharing. If you can let users remember a brand in a short time, it will prove that your marketing has been half successful. For example, we used a case… Continue reading

What’s the reason why ice hockey became a Canadian national ball?

First of all, it must be geographical factors. Canada’s winter is cold and long. There are conditions for the development of ice hockey. Otherwise, it’s hot and cold in winter. It’s a long-term experience. The world’s popular ice hockey area is also Russia, northern Europe, Canada, these high latitude areas, China’s word is the northeast.… Continue reading

What is advertising marketing?

Advertising marketing refers to the activities that enterprises carry out publicity and promotion of products through advertising, promote the direct purchase of consumers, expand the sales of products, and improve the popularity, reputation and influence of enterprises. With the rapid development of economic globalization and market economy, advertising marketing activities play a more and more… Continue reading