These international politicians love winter sports. Putin once said he would play hockey after retirement

Pingchang Winter Olympics opens tonight. In the next ten days, the world will focus on the Olympics and winter sports. On the ice and snow field, the Olympic athletes will show their skills, but the white world of ice and snow is not only the arena for professional players, but also the “paradise” for winter… Continue reading

Is it more important to be a hitter than a pitcher in MLB?

According to the report of ESPN MLB in 2010, average salary by position: first base: 9504165 usdthird base: 8467342 usddh: 7429245 usdsecond base: 4898152 usdcutter: 4787676 usdoutfield: 4658677 usdshortstop: 4586623 usdstarting pitcher: 4579558 usdelief pitcher: 2111, 453 USD shows that Bonzi’s most powerful first and third bases have the highest average salary. It’s a pity… Continue reading

Detailed explanation of YouTube advertising framework and its setting skills

YouTube advertising is a form of Google Advertising. It shows products and services to potential customers through video, re markets intended customers who interact with your website but do not have purchase behavior, or increases your YouTube channel subscription. For users who are trying to start YouTube advertising for the first time, here are two… Continue reading