Brady, 40, will not retire

The New England Patriots failed to defend their title in the Super Bowl finals in 2018. People are most concerned about where their star quarterback Brady will go. Brady, 40, has personally confirmed that he will continue to fight in 2018. In the second half of Brady’s organization, the Patriot team, which was 10 points… Continue reading

Major league baseball has become a class representative on its official microblog to introduce you to baseball class

Recently, MLB played a role of “class representative” on its official microblog, giving a popular explanation of the basic rules of baseball, and the obscure rules and regulations were instantly clear. In a baseball game, there are two teams fighting each other. Each team has nine players. The two teams take turns to play the… Continue reading

On the artistic characteristics of oil painting

In the 20th century, oil painting formed different schools from different artistic concepts, and restricted the artistic form to present various tendencies. Some factors in traditional oil painting techniques are often strengthened as the form of artistic concepts, even pushed to the extreme, and oil painting formal language is highly valued. Fauvism of balanced effect… Continue reading

CRM in advertising marketing: a neglected part of CRM

CRM literally means customer relationship management, aiming at customer analysis, relationship connection and sales activity management. In general, the research of CRM is more inclined to the sales and operation level, based on the stock of customers / potential customers. However, the behavior activities for traffic and user acquisition are often ignored by CRM. This… Continue reading

Four common 3D printing technologies

The development of 3D printing technology 3D printing technology started in the 1990s, and was originally used to make printed circuit boards. With the rapid development of printing technology, 3D printing technology is gradually improved and applied in many aspects, such as aircraft parts, mini machines, cars, hair, houses, clothes, shoes, food, etc. Four common… Continue reading