Jazz let go!

With the completion of this transaction, ah, the chain reaction will also intensify. As we have said, Rubio has two players. The destroyer will drop. One is the Suns, and the other is the Pacers. I think these two technologies are a good place to go. The contract, we don’t want to. We share it… Continue reading

The world has me!

In case. Injuries or other unexpected factors can not be guaranteed, but with a high probability, the career of these three players can be tied together. We can always see that, in a word, the warriors always remain competitive. Ah, after all, he is not injured, not after coming back in February or March. Performance,… Continue reading

The Clippers are mighty!

Yes, plagiarize. At the same time, lyonnard and Paul George are introduced to the Clippers. The Clippers will turn over next year. The Clippers will not be able to reach the top four in the Western Conference and reach the western finals next year. Now that it has been decided, the Lakers should seize the… Continue reading

Celtic are of the same level

The heat are very strong, ah, the Bucks, how many of these unbearable, right? Last year’s League, champion, the heat have been unable to beat it. That’s the truth. There is no change in the nature of the structure of the vice team. From the outside world, there is less. Minotti, Qi ah, Xiao Rou’s… Continue reading

XX out!

I think we can think about it, we can imagine it, we can think about it, but ah, but we have to say, the western type. The environment and the pattern are very complicated. It is not so simple. If you are lucky, well, under the circumstances, ah, if you don’t meet XX and whether… Continue reading

James, he’s a lighthouse!

There are many opportunities. There are 20 opportunities. There is a historical gap of 15. There are many opportunities. But the history scoring king has only one chance in his life. This opportunity is once in a blue moon. If you miss it, you will miss it. If you don’t, you will lose it. Let’s… Continue reading