NBA dedamo and meeting Xiaojia

A lot of people have to watch the Raptors tomorrow. The Raptors also have to watch the 76ers. Pressure is definitely a kind of pressure. We can’t underestimate such a team with offensive firepower. But we should think about meeting the inside line of raptors’ NBA dedamo and meeting Xiaojia. Er, this Simmons meets Leonard,… Continue reading

Paul George and Wei Shao

The sixth person upstart has come out, ah, plus now, the Western rockets, the lineup is good. Oh, this team is so powerful, I still have to see if I can’t play. After that, I will encounter many teams. Now, you can get through the transaction. It’s useless to change an all-star player. It’s useless,… Continue reading

the Bucks’ system of Lopez

The starting point of all tactical attacks is the ability to open up, and the strategy is still very good to play. So, ah, look at this ball, you have to see clearly its essence. Ah, Lopez is the core of the tactics. If Lopez plays well, others will follow suit. Bradeso actually benefited from,… Continue reading

Kuri has no answer to three points!

I’m really tall. I can do it all. In the three-point era, I’m obviously more than three-point shooters. Obviously, the shooting rate is obviously fast, and the scoring is fast and good. Is there a problem in the three-point era? I want to make the description more accurate. I said that the three-point real has… Continue reading