Laker team after this season

Now Paul George, ah, this renewal of the insurance, this thing, I’m sorry, Paul announced this matter to the public, in advance, to inform ah, just like those potential families can start to operate immediately, oh, you can start to claim, basically can claim. Well, er, the fine, 50000 dollars, I think, can be just… Continue reading

Owen Davis together!

Celtic team Owen and Anthony Davies can not coexist, Ross, the clause said that things a few days ago have already clarified the facts, right? Owen, there is a rose clause, do you have? Do not discuss, let alone the problem of non coexistence, now it is not rose clause to offset. Right? I don’t… Continue reading

Be generous!

What can I say about this deal? Well, there are some netizens who say that they will not deal with the latest transaction. Er, this will not be more serious. Davis will go to the western team and so on. I just don’t want to add that. After the strength of Western teams is created,… Continue reading

Precision guidance!

Magic Johnson, we should learn from Molly. We can’t even exchange Anthony Davis for so many young players. We have to send four. We say we can give four to four, right? Pay attention. Next, Ingram, and pants? It’s so difficult, Celtic team a Tatum add point to the first round of signing, for Anthony… Continue reading

Set up a new order!

That is to say, I can be very responsible for keeping Durant and curry Thomson green. You can take one of the three carriages in the next three to five years. Thank goodness, ah, Durant’s arrival in the Warriors is really a sea god’s needle like existence. Ah, don’t think it has changed the team’s… Continue reading

To all basketball sunspots!

This afternoon’s program, awards are really about these, ordinary warriors give a thumbs up, ah, to call them warriors, why have the courage, really have the courage, we dare not be black, wow, as me. Personally, I absolutely don’t have the courage to go, black James, these warriors, these fighters can have this kind of… Continue reading

the Lakers are in danger!

Today, on the first game day back from the all star game, ah, many wonderful games, we chose one to watch the Rockets play against the Lakers, which seemed to be the focus of heated discussion. Ah, this, please have to watch, look back, and then look at the other two wonderful games. In the… Continue reading